Gentle Effective Back Pain Treatment


In the office we use the Cox table to treat many of our low back patients. The Cox table is a powerful tool for the chiropractor that is well researched in the treatment of lower back pain. Having been trained in the 80’s and using the table in the office since that time we have had great success.

The cox table uses gentle chiropractic traction on the lower back that most patients enjoy.  The Cox therapy is documented by research to help relieve back and neck pain, leg pain, disc herniation, spinal stenosis and failed back surgery.

Cox is a gentle therapy using targeted spinal decompression. Unlike the larger traction units often being used, Cox therapy focuses on a single spinal segment. Targeted spinal decompression is not painful and is documented to give relief for a variety of lower back conditions.

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About Dr Carrie

Dr. Carrie Hartney has been working at the Chiropractic Care Center in Berlin, CT for over 25 years. She started working with her father Dr. Edward Hartney in the Chiropractic Care Center of Plainville. Her Father, a chiropractor for over 25 years, started the Berlin office with Dr. Carrie.


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